1. Program Overview


The Multifaith/Interfaith Program (MIGP) is funded through the Victorian Government’s Promoting Community Harmony Program, administered by the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship (OMAC).


As a part of the Promoting Community Harmony Program, the MIGP seeks to broadly promote social cohesion, understanding and acceptance among Victoria’s diverse faith communities and within the wider Victorian community. The Program achieves this by funding projects that aim to:

  • encourage faith groups to develop strong relationships and partnerships with diverse groups, faith communities and the broader Victorian community;
  • support Victoria’s diverse communities to engage in multifaith activities;
  • support faith communities and organisations to better engage people, organisations and communities that are currently not involved in multifaith activity;
  • promote engagement with a broad range of faith and community members, including new and emerging communities;
  • assist with the establishment of new interfaith networks or build the skill base and sustainability of existing interfaith networks;
  • promote education and awareness of racial and religious tolerance in Victoria; and
  • increase understanding of and respect for other faiths and cultures.


2. The Zimcommunity Multifaith and Interfaith Harmonization Programme


The Zimcommunity is embarking on an active community multi-faith harmonization programme to work with Faith groups and their Leadership to deliver the key objectives of the Multifaith/Interfaith Grants Program. The partnership between the Zimcommunity and the Kingston Interfaith Network specifically aims to deliver the following programme activities:


a. Promoting of Interfaith Activities

  • Visiting places of worship and interacting with church leadership and congregational groups.   
  • Interfaith gatherings
  • Interfaith and Multifaith workshops on understanding and tolerance of other religious beliefs

b. Delivering Community Educational programs

Working with pastoral Care Groups among the community churches to promote Interfaith Network activities, Students Welfare, Mentoring, Marriage Preparation Seminars, Family Counselling through the following.

  • Leadership training programs.
  • Marriage enrichment seminars
  • Couples nights- Promoting family and marriage values in the community
  • Single parent’s seminars- community help in raising kids as a single parent.
  • Family counselling, collectivist cultures versus individualist cultures, intergenerational issues, parents expectations (from African culture) versus the new generation of children who have been brought up in Westernised culture.
  • Sexual health education to particularly target young people in light of the high prevalence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa and promoting responsible sexual behaviour.
  • Youth counselling to target children (year 8-12) on racial tolerance, body image issues, bullying including cyber bullying.


c. Setting up Self Help Initiatives

  • Train community members to get in to start some income generating projects and improve their lives.
  • Special programmes to target and train today’s woman to be productive, virtuous and diligent.


d. Cultural events/festivals

  • Interfaith music concerts and cultural festivals
  • Children's mentoring programmes at different age groups and youth outreach programmes