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Homework 6.rar

Last, you have files that contain information for quiz grades. These files are separated so that one quiz is stored in each data file, and the information in these files is different from the roster and the homework files:

Homework 6.rar

Each table sorts the data differently. In the roster table, the data are sorted by the ID column. In the homework table, the data are sorted by the first letter of the first name. In the quiz tables, the data are sorted in a random order.

Next, you can load the homework and exam grades CSV file. Remember that this file includes first and last names and the SID column in addition to all the grades. You want to ignore the columns with the submission times:

The other calculation method is to divide each homework score by its maximum score, add up these values, and divide the total by the number of assignments. To do this, you could use a for loop and go through each column. However, pandas allows you to be more efficient because it will match column and index labels and perform mathematical operations only on matching labels.

In this code, you calculate the average_hw_scores by dividing each homework score by its respective maximum points. Then you add the ratios together for all the homework assignments in each row with DataFrame.sum() and the argument axis=1.

In this code, you use DataFrame.shape to get the number of assignments from homework_scores. Like a NumPy array, DataFrame.shape returns a tuple of (n_rows, n_columns). Taking the second value from the tuple gives you the number of columns in homework_scores, which is equal to the number of assignments.

Most of this code is quite similar to the homework code from the last section. The main difference from the homework case is that you created a pandas Series for quiz_max_points using a dictionary as input. The keys of the dictionary become index labels and the dictionary values become the Series values.

Research Project (40%): You are going to prepare, present, and defend a written research project based on the procedures presented throughout the course. To improve your team work ability the projects as well as the homework assignments could be prepared in groups (max. of 4 persons).

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