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Do you have it in you to take a sabbatical? You know, those kind of breaks where you put your fast-moving career on hold, and decide to "live a little"? Most people I know would be too scared to do that - because they need to stick to the straight and narrow. But there are a brave few who do what their heart dictates, and, well, take a break... even from Very Important Jobs. This week, let's get acquainted with a few of them, and mind you, none of them were born with a silver spoon in their mouth: they only have incredible confidence - in themselves - to get back on track at the end of the day... and a zest for life!Ishaan Khatter is the new "unconventional" kid on the block in the acting community - and not just in Bollywood. Most recently, he's acted in the great Iranian auteur Majid Majidi's Beyond the Clouds. Read between the reels.In yet another offering, we take a look at how loneliness is assuming epic proportions, and spreading unchecked in an age when social media has paved the way for social isolation.When I lived in Delhi, Chandni Chowk, in the older quarters of town, used to be one of my fave stamping grounds... mostly because of the food (it's incredible, have you ever tried it?). Of late, a lot of Bollywood films are being shot there: Delhi Belly, Delhi-6, PK - and now a new movie called Rajma Chawal (which, much like the dish itself, promises to be full of beans!). Take a stroll down this unlikely boulevard - along with our resident Bollywood expert Khalid Mohamed - and find out why 'Moonlight Square' (which is what Chandni Chowk translates into) has secured a place in the sun.I seriously need to visit Kerala. ASAP. I've always wondered why it's nicknamed 'God's own country'; after reading this week's Travel piece, I know why. Recently, someone sent me a photo of Carolina Herrera's Good Girl Eau de Parfum Légère; the bottle is shaped like a midnight-blue stiletto with gold heels... looked like something out of a fairytale. In Beauty this week, we get some of the snazziest bottles (of perfumes) from around town. Do you get a whiff? Tunisian-Armenian fusion food gets a display in Kitchen Classics.All this and much more.Enjoy reading WKND and have a great weekend.

Ishaan Movie In Hd Download


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